Phat Loot Phriday: Black Pepper Steak and Shrimp


When last we left our heroes, they were derailed by Diablo III. Because that certainly hasn’t happened to anyone else. Unfortunately, their erstwhile trip to Sanctuary means Miranda remains in captivity.

“Your friends are taking a long time to mount a rescue,” the shadowy man said. “I expected them by now.”

“This is going to start feeling like filler,” Miranda muttered to her raven. “I’m hungry. What’ve you got to eat?”

The man returned to Miranda’s cage, sliding a bowl under the door. “I’ve made something very good for you. Black Pepper Steak and Shrimp.”

“Black Pepper Steak? Really? We’re going there? That’s how this is going to be?”

“Black Pepper Steak is awfully good, young lady,” the man said. “The amount of health and mana you gain from it is mindblowing compared to your feeble, contemporary food.”

Miranda chewed slowly. “Wow, yeah, it really is, isn’t it? So, why aren’t you Pandaren? That seems like the most likely villain to advance the st… range events we’ve been suffering.”

“I’m an old friend,” the man answered. He pursed his lips for a moment. “I’m surprised you haven’t escaped.”

“How do you know I haven’t? You could be looking at an illusion right now or a doppleganger. You have no way of knowing.”

“Hm. That would explain why no rescue has appeared. If you’ll pardon me, I need to check on things.”

When the man had left, Miranda used to the chopsticks to continue picking the lock.

Item Notes: Pepper steak, y’all. So good. I’ve been craving it all week, now.

[Image credit: Stu Spivack]

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