Phat Loot Phriday: Mad Brewer’s Breakfast


When last we left our heroes, Throgg and Lolegolas had just walked into a bar. While that’s a classic setup for a joke, the dazzling duo are in a more laconic mood.

Throgg drummed his fingers on the table top. “No clue what to expect in Pandaria. Never been Jack Black fan.”

“They say it has nothing to do with that guy,” Lolegolas side, knocking back a drink. “It’s full of rich culture and not a single tenacious reference.”

“Tea will be nice change of pace,” Throgg muttered. “I like green tea. Black tea makes me jittery.”

“You get jittery?”

“Yes, orc get jittery.” Throgg grunted. “Why’re we lingering here, anyway? Where sense of urgency?”

“Something’s broken,” the blood elf sighed. “Waiting for fix so we can make reference, then we hop off to giant turtle.”

Throgg grunted eloquently is agreement. “I will shoulder burden of drinking until then, like noble Horde member I am.”

“They call that breakfast in Pandaria,” Lolegolas commented. “It’s like liquid bread.”

“I know,” Throgg said. “Can’t wait. Carb up, fight lots of bad guys, and save the girl.”

Item note: No, really, Mad Brewer’s Breakfast. You gotta love it.

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