Phat Loot Phriday: Simple Hand Crossbow


When last we left our heroes, they’d hopped in a motorcycle to ride into the sunset — and take a boat to Pandaria. However, they lack a map and live in a microcosm that represents the overall Blizzard community, so they cannot simply walk into Pandaria. Also, click click click click click click click click …

“I didn’t think Panda-land would be so dark,” Throgg commented. His eyes narrowed beneath the ridged line of his immense brow. “I don’t mean young person and black jeans dark. I mean like actually hard to see. Did we take the wrong boat?”

The pair walked along a curved, narrow path. Oddly, each side of the path was closed off with walls and vines. They couldn’t travel far from the walkway. “Still can’t get the bike started. We’re hoofing it.”

Throgg pursed his lips as he look around. Suddenly, he unlatched the enormous battle-axe from his back and shouted. “To arms! Undead ahead, and they’re attacking!”

Lolegolas let loose a battle cry and reached for his bow. With a practiced growl, he grasped where it should have been and pulled out a Simple Hand Crossbow. The blood elf pulled up short immediately. “Wait, what in Metzen’s name is this?”

The orc cocked his head to the side. “They make crossbows that small? When did you get that?”

“Is it just me, or do those undead look funny?” Lolegolas said.

“We’re not in Pandaria,” Throgg said. “We really need to go back the way we came.”

Lolegolas sighed as he turned around, ignoring the undead behind them. “This is great. We’re losing an entire week to this nonsense.”

Throgg blinked as they returned to the boat. “Uh. Where’s Spot?”

Phat Loot Phriday brings you the scoop on some of the most … interesting … loot in the World of Warcraft, often viewed through the eyes of the stalwart Throgg and indelible Lolegolas. Suggest items you think we should feature by emailing

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