Phat Loot Phriday: Worn Wristwraps

When last we left our heroes, they were idly poking around the Outland. They weren’t entirely sure what to do with themselves, desperately in need of something new to get them moving. Nominally, they were tracking down leads on who might have infiltrated the Forsaken. Sounds like it’s time for a plot bomb, right?

The four slept under the stars of Outland. Unlike Azeroth’s tranquil night sky, the heavens of Hellfire Peninsula glittered beneath an oily stream of ether and energy. It was minutely disturbing to Lolegolas, who muttered about sleeping in shifts and random encounters.

Miranda screamed first, a thick leather cord coiled around her neck. The succubus at the other end hauled back on the whip, dragging the girl from her sleeping bag.

The Gilnean hit the demon not as a human, sliding effortlessly into the shape of an immense bear. A leg like a log struck the succubus in the chest, sending her hurling head over heels backward into the night.

Then the druid took a wide stance and roared. His thick fur bristled, and the single line of his hackles rose like a mohawk down the middle of his back. Throgg bounded from his bedroll, already whirling his immense axe almost like a baton. Its angry blade bit into an imp just a few moments before Lolegolas arrows began flying through the air with a sound like angry bees. Succubus and imps fell quickly to the assault.

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