Race changes on sale now

Race change on sale now

It’s no secret that I like the race change service. Since it debuted, my main has gone from human to night elf to draenei to worgen to tauren (OK, that’s a faction change — still counts) to night elf to draenei again. And I’m considering going worgen again. So the news that race change is going on a weekend sale has me giddy.

Do you have an unsightly human face or orc posture you’re longing to shed? Then by all means, head on over and change that puppy up. If you’re playing a puppy, that is. If not, change whatever you happen to be.

Remember it’s a weekend sale, so if you’re planning on taking advantage of it, don’t wait too long. And if like me you actually find yourself changing races because the tier 13 hat looks dumb on your current race, I won’t judge. Can’t, really — I just admitted to it myself.

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