Roleplaying a race change for your character

Roleplaying a race change for your character SAT
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A new expansion means several things to roleplayers. There’s the thrill of new content and new areas to roleplay in. There’s the change in storyline to something fresh and new. And of course, there’s the introduction of new races or classes depending on the expansion, something that offers a new outlet for creativity as far as roleplay is concerned. With Cataclysm, we not only got two new races, but we got several new race and class combinations that weren’t possible before, which opens the door even wider on making character changes.

For most roleplayers, the choice of what to do comes down to rolling yet another alt to roleplay with. For others, attachment to their main character and that character’s story might suggest a different option altogether. Race change services have been around for a while in World of Warcraft, and although most players change their character’s race and don’t really give it much though, it becomes an odd situation for roleplayers.

So how do you work around a race change when you’re a roleplayer?

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