Scattered Shots: Faster, stronger, and with fewer crows

Scattered Shots Harder, stronger, and with fewer crows THURSDAY

Every Thursday, WoW Insider brings you Scattered Shots for beast mastery, marksmanship and survival hunters. Frostheim of Warcraft Hunters Union and the hunter podcast uses logic and science (mixed with a few mugs of dwarven stout) to look deep into the hunter class. Mail your hunter questions to Frostheim.

Every new expansion is a game developer’s dream. Throughout the course of the expansion, they have to be careful not to make too many changes too fast, something that can quickly become too hard for players to keep up with. As new tiers of content come out, the developers’ list of dream changes build up faster than they can be deployed.

But when a new expansion is in the works, they’re free to unleash the torrent of ideas that built up over the years. They can take the hunter and rebuild it — faster, stronger, and as it turns out, with fewer crows.

The latest Mists of Pandaria beta build brings several buffs for hunters with some raw DPS increases. It also limits the ability of hunters to leverage A Murder of Crows to bring out a bazillion crows at once.

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