Scattered Shots: Masses of hunter beta changes

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As the Mists of Pandaria beta progresses we’re beginning to learn more about how many of the awesome new hunter abilities will work, and of course we’re seeing many of the inevitable changes to abilities, including happy news that the 2-second cast time on Black Arrow and lack of Serpent Spread is likely to be reverted to the current design (which also means the AoE component of the beta Black Arrow is likely going away, too).

We got a look at exactly what abilities the different pet specs will have in MoP. The design is very much in keeping with the plan we discussed last week and does a good job of helping make the different pet specs feel distinctly different (since you no longer have DPS talents for tenacity pets and tanking talents for ferocity), though there are a few abilities lost that hurt.

In fact, pets are a fantastic place to start. Let’s take a look at exactly what abilities Blizzard assigned to each of the pet specs.

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