Scattered Shots: Moar boars — Stampede Q&Q

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During the recent Mists of Pandaria press tour event, Lead Systems Deisgner Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street gave an interview in which he revealed that hunters would be getting a stampede ability, letting hunters unleash the fury of a stable full of pets all at once.

Now, I don’t want to imply anything bad about the interviewer in that segment, but in what world do you let a comment like that pass by? I know that there are some people who enjoy playing support classes, but when he wanders on talking about rogue nonsense, any good interviewer would stop him, pin him down, and start asking more questions about hunters! This is what MoP is all about after all — hunter glory!

Stampede is the best and biggest news to come out of MoP since no minimum range, and we’re left more questions than answers. In fact, when I started thinking about what I want to know about stampede, I realized it could fill an entire column. And then I realized that stampede is so awesome that it deserves to fill a whole column. So here is what we know about the ability, how I suspect it will work, and what we want to know about the ability.

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