Serpent racing in Mists of Pandaria?

So there I was, exploring the beta, just going around looking for cool things, and I found this! What is it? Well, it certainly looks to me like a racetrack in the sky, so I had to go and gather further evidence.

I went to the top of the hill where the finish line is and found a bunch of pandaren NPCs who were race spectators. This, I thought, looked promising. And then I headed to the bottom of the hill and saw a few NPCs hanging around with Serpent mounts. A few of them could be interacted with, so I spoke with Big Bao, who said, “Don’t worry, kid. Riding’s not as hard as it looks. You should get a few more notches on your belt before attempting this, though.” Interesting, Big Bao, very interesting!

So then, dear reader, I found my best clue: Toudu Tigerclaw, who is a race officiator. He was rather rude to my little level 85 pandaren lady, though; he didn’t think I was mature enough to race just yet and made it very clear to me.

So I am fairly convinced that, in a few levels time, players are going to be taking to the backs of serpents and participating in an exciting air race around the eastern edge of the Jade Forest. Will you be taking up the challenge?

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