Shifting Perspectives: Balance druid feedback

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Early on in the week, Blizzard started threads in each of the class forums on the official website asking for players to provide feedback regarding their classes and specs in preparation for 4.3 and the next expansion. For any of you who have not yet posted, I highly encourage you to go do so. No matter how late it may seem or how buried among the pages your post might end up, Blizzard representatives will be reading those threads, and it is the absolute best opportunity for you to let the development team know how it is you feel. They expected that these threads would grow to a vast size; they’re prepared to handle the volume of feedback and report their findings.

I, too, have posted in that thread, stating what it is I think and feel about balance druids. In doing so, however, I felt that I was rather limited by the system in which I was posting. Writing for balance druids every week, it’s obvious that I’ve got a lot to say about the spec, so attempting to cram all those thoughts into a condensed forum post was difficult. This week, I’d like to take the opportunity to expand upon the feedback I provided, and invite you once again to go and leave your own.

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