Shifting Perspectives: Retaining key talents in Pandaria

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Welcome back to another week, my favorite space turkeys. This week is one of those that I happen to detest and often wish that we could find a way to remove the from the calendar; alas, I’ve been told that this isn’t possible. Next week is a holiday, and the next patch is expected the week thereafter, leaving this week simmering in nothing but anticipation. As anyone will tell you, I’m not a patient person.

Still, that doesn’t mean that we’re all dead in the water. True to form, I’ll be putting a spot of my predictive powers to work. It’ll be the last topic about Pandaria for a while, I promise you that, but this one is important to lay some groundwork. All of our talents are going away — a great idea in theory. However, the problem comes in that some talents are important to keeping the spec engaging. Merely shuttling them off to the nether isn’t an option; some will have to be baked into the class as a whole. But which? Let’s speculate!

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