Shifting Perspectives: Why play a druid?

Shifting Perspectives Why play a druid SUN
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Shifting Perspectives for cat, bear, restoration and balance druids. Welcome to our DPS edition, brought to you by Chase Hasbrouck, aka Alaron of The Fluid Druid blog. This week, we consider our origins.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Realandia and Monkville lately, so I found myself a bit stuck for a topic to discuss this week. Of course, it was right there the whole time, and it took a note from a follower on Twitter to bring it out: Why not revisit why we play this glorious (no offense, Kormac) class in the first place? After all, if you’re planning on switching mains for Mists of Pandaria, now’s probably the best time to make that decision.

With that, I bring you: Why druids are awesome.

Shapeshifting Let’s face it, who hasn’t gone to a zoo, looked at the animals, and said, “Man, wouldn’t it be cool if …?” This, above everything else, is what sells me on the class. I’m not a boring biped casting spells or whacking away with swords. Instead, look! I’m a bear, mauling your face off! Now I’m a panther, pouncing on your face! Now I’m a happy little tree! OK, the metaphor breaks a bit here, but you get the point.

If I’m counting correctly, there are six forms that are open to all specializations: Bear, Cat, Stag/Cheetah, Seal/Orca, Bird, and Treant. (Two of those have options via glyphs, hence the slash.) Two more are open to certain specializations (Tree of Life, Moonkin/Astral), which gives us over 10 different options for “Poof! Now I’m a …”

The little growl your character gives when you shift into one of the feral forms? Love it — wouldn’t miss it for the world. I always would play cool shapeshifting tricks when tanking, too. I remember back in Naxxramas, I would sneak into the middle of an enemy pack while prowling in cat form, then shift to bear with a yell of “Suddenly, BEAR!” I thought it was funny, anyway.

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