Skill Mastery: Shield Barrier takes the beating for you

Shield Barrier is one of my favorite new abilities. One of the reasons I love it is that it scales both with the amount of rage you have when you use it and with your attack power, meaning that it will continuously get better as you level and gear up. Shield Barrier provides you with a damage absorption shield that, when used with the minimum amount of rage (20 rage), puts up a respectable amount of absorption. On my level 89 tauren warrior, above, it did roughly 6k with a baseline use, eating more than half of that Agitated Seedstealer’s fire spell.

But when used at full rage, it can do significantly more. The most I’ve seen was a 20,000 absorption shield, which will admittedly be fairly rare because it’s hard to ensure you have exactly 60 rage when you use the ability. You’re more likely to pepper the area with 10k or 12k absorbs that make soloing an absolute dream. Tanking in 5-mans, it’s still a potent part of your arsenal, but you’re much more likely to alternate it with Shield Block there.

Shield Barrier is an ability warrior tanks have probably needed for a very long time, a way to mitigate incoming damage no matter what it is. I personally love the ability.

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