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World of Warcraft’s user interface is one of the most awesome features that the game includes. Where else in MMO-land can you find UIs as diverse, creative, and different than those of all of your peers and community pals? Here on WoW Insider, we have a little column where your work gets shown off and discussed amongst our own little community, and we want your submissions. The final patch of Cataclysm is coming soon, and as the most recent expansion winds to an end, our user interfaces are settling in to the new changes that the sundering brought. I want to see your Cataclysm UIs.

We even love to help players with their UI design woes, discussing ways to change or adjust your UI to get it to look a little bit cleaner, a little bit smoother, or just plain nicer. If you’re going to send in a call for help, please be as descriptive as possible — it’s hard to solve a problem that isn’t exactly there.

Submit your user interface to Reader UI of the Week by emailing, coincidentally, Here are some tips to remember and information to include when you are submitting your UI or call for help:

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