The best macro ever

Power Word Gold posted about this today, calling it the last macro your hunter will ever need. They’re quite right.

The Mists hunter glyph Glyph of Fetch teaches your pet how to fetch. Like any good dog, your pet will learn to scamper gleefully over to whatever you just killed and loot it. This is pretty awesome as far as glyphs go, but it gets even cooler with a macro. And that macro really is, quite simply, the best ever:

/cast Fetch
Woah, people. Like, woah. Push a button, and your pet goes to get your loot. Now all the hunter community needs is another glyph that lets their pets mine, herbalize, skin, and fish. Maybe one that gets them to disenchant all the greens, too. Or do dailies. My hunter suddenly shot up my priority list of leveling alts. Did yours?

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