The Lawbringer: Mailbag 10

Pop law abounds in The Lawbringer, your weekly dose of WoW, the law, video games and the MMO genre. Mathew McCurley takes you through the world running parallel to the games we love and enjoy, full of rules, regulations, and esoteroic topics that slip through the cracks.

With Mists of Pandaria information on the horizon, players are clamoring for release dates, beta information, and everything in between. People just want something, anything, to tide them over. How about The Lawbringer? We’re talking some Mists beta and the Diablo real money auction house. Won’t you join us?

Mailbags are fun because the discussion topics come to me. Readers always have some great questions, and I’m more than happy to delve into an answer or two. This week’s questions are ones that I get frequently and, with the recent couple of weeks’ being newsworthy and fun, emails sometimes get left in the mud. Well, let’s answer some emails.

Our first Lawbringer email comes from Toro, who wants to know what’s up with Mists of Pandaria beta access that is guaranteed through subscription to the WoW Annual pass:

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