The Light and How to Swing It: Mists reputations for retribution paladins

The Light and How to Swing It Reputations for retribution in Mists DNP

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We have a launch date. Of course, we’ll see if Blizzard sticks to it — I’m hoping they do, because otherwise I will have taken those days off work for nothing. For just the next few minutes, however, let’s pretend that Sept. 25 will be the day that the continent of Pandaria opens up to us and all of that shiny new loot becomes ours for the taking.

As we level, quests and dungeons will offer the majority of our gear. When we reach the level cap of 90, another option opens up to us: reputations. Sadly, raising these reputations won’t be as easy as running a handful of random dungeons with a tabard on like it was in Wrath and Cataclysm, but getting to know your allies in Mists is still very important.

I have risked life and limb (and repair costs from running through high-level zones, getting dazed off my mount and pummeled into a paste) to seek out the various quartermasters to see what they have to offer. Before I begin, a couple of notes:

  • Without solid stat weights to go off, determining the quality of a piece of gear in the Mists beta is a bit more dubious than it is on live. Until we see those numbers, I will withhold judgment and merely present the options.
  • A few items (mostly profession patterns) cost gold, but most are purchasable with valor points (VP). All gold costs are before faction discounts.
  • This being a beta, anything is subject to change. I cannot be held liable if you spend 5,000 valor points on what turns out to be a giant foam sword.
  • Finally, spoiler alert! There are screenshots after the break, as well as brief descriptions of the different factions you will encounter.

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