The Queue: A baby deer

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Kuro1 asked:

Pretty sure this has been answered in the past, but I’m too lazy to go looking it up anywhere >_> I know there’s some long-tailed Pandaren skins, but last I heard they were female-only and red panda coloration only. That was a good while ago now, though. Are there currently or are there any future plans to implement long tails for other colors of pandaren skins and/or for male models?

Only female pandaren have the long tail, and only female pandaren with the red fur. Male pandaren (regardless of fur color) do not have the tail. Blizzard said they were “listening” about people wanting them for male pandaren, but last I heard, there was no “Yep, we’re doing it, y’all” statement. I think it’s nice that female pandaren have that option, since they don’t get a whole lot of customization in the face.

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