The Queue: Adjacent office Peggy watches you work

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Peggy is the best.

KennethCarson asked:

Since Pandaren will be in both factions, what happens to faction specific items that are tagged with all the races of that faction? For example if a Pandaren is exalted with SW and bought a horse, learning it, would it change to a wolf upon changing to horde, since the character’s race didn’t change and it’s ok for Pandaren to use horses would they keep it?

Most every item, faction reputation, and title that has a faction-specific restriction has some sort of alternative on the other side of the fence. For instance, my Swift Horde Wolf becomes a Swift Alliance Steed if I faction-change, and vice versa. I would imagine the same is true for Mists of Pandaria.

Faction-transferring pandaren doesn’t seem like it will be a huge issue at all.

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