The Queue: Curses!

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Thrall … dare I say … “u mad?”

Plan Rogers asked:

Why are all the WoW insider staff so pessimistic about the idea of there being any raid after 4.3/Deathwing. Sure Blizzard has said they LIKED the idea of the advertised baddie being the end boss of the expansion but they have gone back on many things they have said before. For all we know we could be seeing another raid, much like how Ruby Sanctum was but better and on a larger scale finishing off the expansion.

Well, we’re pessimistic (and this goes out to you, too, grumpy commenter Marius W) because Blizzard has openly stated that patch 4.3 is the final raid patch of Cataclysm. It wouldn’t be the first time the devs changed their minds, of course, but it’s a bit late in the game to plan another major content patch, with BlizzCon — and the inevitable announcement of the next expandasion — right around the corner.

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