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Chromeo and Daryl Hall?!

rczlapinski asked:

Is there a reason that pandarens can’t be paladins? I know they were around during the second war when paladins were founded, but if they can be priests they are fully capable of wielding the light, this is wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination that they could also have some sort of paladin order.

The pandaren just don’t know a whole lot about the Light, basically. Their culture is based on a different kind of spirituality. The priest excuse doesn’t really fly because, to be frank, all of playable priest races use the Light for gameplay reasons, not lore. It makes zero sense for trolls, for example, to be using the Light given their culture. Making every ability about the Light makes it so the class is unified across the board instead of having to create differently named versions of every single ability.

Being a paladin is hard. Humans pioneered the whole paladin thing as we know it after thousands of years, then taught it to dwarves and ostensibly high elves with the Order of the Silver Hand. Draenei only learned how to be “paladins” when they were visited by beings made of the Light. Don’t get me started on tauren paladins. Maybe a few expansions from now, when pandaren have experienced Azerothian culture, we’ll see pandadins (paladandas?).

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