The Queue: Turkey bacon and egg on a roll

This is a picture of a sandwich.

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That’s what I had for breakfast.

Debelak asked:

I have a friend who I am trying to get into the game. I recommended he try the trial account. The problem is, the race he is most excited about is Worgen and he can only play that if he buys all the expansions. He is hesitant to level a race he isn’t that excited about up to 20, and then after he decides to buy the game re-roll as a Worgen. I don’t want him to spend all that money, though, if it turns out the game isn’t for him. Any advice?

Level 20 is not the slog that it used to be or really ever was. Basic gameplay will get you to 20 faster than you would imagine. Tell him that this is his trial and that when and if he enjoys the game for these 20 levels, there is a bunch of other cool starter stuff for him with the Worgen experience. His first 20 levels should be all about becoming familiar with the game world and mechanics, which will allow him a more relaxed Worgen starting experience since he isn’t learning everything all at once.

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