WoW Insider’s BlizzCon 2011 predictions

It’s quiet around the WoW Insider offices today — many of us are on our way to Anaheim as you read this. After all, it’s BlizzCon 2011 Eve … uh, Eve. And we can’t stop thinking about all the exciting news that we’re 48 hours away from learning. Floodgates, people — they’re going to open.

Since our brains won’t let us consider anything but BlizzCon right now anyway, we thought it might be a good idea for all us staffers to write down our predictions for 5.0 and the convention in general. The bosses think it’s a good idea because you want to read about BlizzCon so you’ll give us precious, precious page views. I think it’s a good idea because we get to have a lot of people on the record who are going to look ridiculous in 48 hours on account of how wrong they are. That, my friends, is what we call a win-win.

So, if you’ll allow me to get things started: BlizzCon 2011 prediction involves Tyler sneaking past WoW Insider security at our Reader Meetup and getting so close to Fox Van Allen that he needs to be tazered by a security guard to keep him from touching the talent. Also, um, probably something with pandas or whatever.

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