WoW Moviewatch: Honorary Wonderboy

Their journey was long and arduous,
but for truth they hast now go.
And so they traveled onward…
… for what they could not know.

Today’s Moviewatch isn’t dedicated to a WoW machinima specifically but instead is a tribute to what should be immortalized in WoW in some way — say, an expansion perhaps, in a cold north land. Where you got the power of flight. (That do anything for you?) Maybe include quests where you had to kill a yak from 200 yards away with mind bullets.

Well, either way, this video should be considered the WoW movie before it ever comes out (if ever). It makes perfect raiding music to quell the nerves when on a hard boss, and the scenery is right out of Dragonblight. The story of the video could easily be a WoW quest series.

Ladies and gentlemen, Conway Twitty Tenacious D and Wonderboy.

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