Addon Spotlight: Get prepped for Pet Battles

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At this very moment, I am taking a break from running dungeons, farming for transmogrification equipment, because the instance counter has ticked to five in an hour and I just can’t go back in. I am no stranger to farming and farming and farming for something that I want. As an MMO veteran, this is pretty commonplace and something we expect and understand as a fact of our MMO lives. With Pet Battles coming in Mists of Pandaria, those rare pets out in the world are becoming even bigger status symbols, when we gain the ability to finally show off, train, and battle those companions.

Like most of my articles, it all started with an email from reader Josh:

My question is there an addon that tracks and counts the number of mobs or certain mobs you kill? I’m starting to farm mobs for mini pets and just counting in my head gets boring (doesn’t help my mind tends to wander).

Thank you very much 🙂

When I asked on Twitter for recommendations for an addon to feature this week, two addons stood out from the pack because of my current obsession with finding every rare pet left for me to catch and bosses just not dropping my transmog items. @Skolnik (of the immensely interesting podcast Warcraft Less Traveled) recommended Bunny Hunter, an addon that tracks statistics based on your farming sessions for rare pets and mounts that have low drop rates. Another addon I’ve been meaning to recommend, Rarity, lives in the same category, so why not package it all together?

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