Breakfast Topic: Are you running out of stuff?

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I’ve played WoW for nearly seven years, almost as long as the game has been available. I’ve always enjoyed the game and have never once given serious thought to just quitting cold turkey. However, when I logged in a few days ago, I was struck with a revelation. I’d run the Zul dungeons nearly every day since patch 4.1. “I think I’ll pass for today,” I thought. I didn’t really need the points, in truth, as I don’t raid — preferring small groups to large ones and having a rigid schedule — nor plan on doing so any time soon. So I headed to the Molten Front and found myself asking why I was doing dailies. I had plenty of gold for my typical expenditures, and I didn’t particularly care for any gold sink items. I had the Flamebreaker title already, having completed it a day or two before. “I’ll come back later,” I said.

I didn’t go back. It was then that I realized I was out of things to do — and with further thought, I realized it wasn’t a new experience. At least once during each expansion I have this gaming funk, where I find myself excited upon logging in, looking forward to seeing my wonderful guild members, looking forward to being my usual death knight self — but then find myself almost instantly bored upon doing so. It’s not that I don’t still love the game. I do, very much so. It’s simply that I am out of things to do on my main character.

So what did I do? I rolled a new character, Ashcroft the Worgen warrior. Though I moderate my playtime much more closely now to avoid quickly exhausting the novelty, I have had more fun than I have had in a long time leveling my wolfish avatar through Kalimdor. There is a sense of pervasive newness to the experience that has reinvigorated my love for the game.

Do you ever feel the mid-expansion doldrums, and if so, how do you break out of them?

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