Breakfast Topic: Is it the perfect time to start playing WoW again?

Blizzard’s new Scroll of Resurrection program, along with a personal anecdote, have got me asking the simple question: Is this the perfect time to start playing World of Warcraft? My immediate thought was that of course it’s not — Mists of Pandaria is presumably close, and we are in the dreaded pre-expansion lull. As I thought more about it, my answer got a little more complex. When my friend Will came to me asking for an MMO recommendation a few days ago, I found myself parsing through all of the options and ended up recommending World of Warcraft.

Will doesn’t have much time to play MMOs. He used to play a little bit of WoW, but it was way back in the day when things were still so new. That got me thinking — my own WoW experience has become much more of a casual endeavor, which has shown me the light in many regards. This is a game you can play for 30 to 60 minutes a night if you so desire. The new Cataclysm questing is top notch for any MMO. A free level 80 character means you can show your friend cool content right out the gate (old world raids, fun zones, etc.) and not worry about the whole “Well, I’ll never get to your level to play with you” problem.

I’ll be sending my friend a Scroll of Resurrection invite because I believe that this time between now and Mists of Pandaria, during the relative calm before the storm when raiding has slowed and people get a little bit lazy, is the perfect time to help a friend get into the game. There is actually time to go and help a friend.

Do you think this is actually a perfect time to play WoW, when things are quiet and settled?

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