Breakfast Topic: Should racial skills be normalized or removed?

Breakfast Topic Should racial skills be removed
Another Breakfast Topic, another thinking panda. I can’t get enough of pandaren models. They’re amazing! I’ve been on Twitter again, dear readers, this time in a discussion with a few friends about racials. It all started when someone told me that the human racial ability, Every Man for Himself (EMFH), should be removed from PvP because it’s overpowered. My opinions on this are mixed. EMFH is definitely one of the stronger racials, but for certain class/situation combinations, others are better.

But it made me wonder when someone asserted that people play races they don’t like just for the racials. I have to say I’m slightly guilty of that myself, switching my discipline priest from a human to a night elf (not my favorite race) to try out Shadowmeld in arenas. Have you ever switched race for racial bonuses? And if so, did it bother you?

I have to say that my answer of whether racial skills should be normalized or removed is definitely no. I love racial skills. I like that there’s a choice to be made there, another reason to choose a race than looks alone. And before you say that that’s because I mostly play Alliance, consider things like Method’s moving their guild over to Horde because the racials are better for raiding, or look at this chart of priest racials from Derevka.

It’s swings and roundabouts. I love that different races have different abilities; for example, I think the undead racials, while currently slightly limited, add wonderful flavor. I don’t think that a race choice should be purely cosmetic. But I will concede that maybe some of the weaker ones could have a buff to bring them up to the level of EMFH or Berserking. We’ll see this happening as undead get a new racial in Mists.

So how about you? Have you ever disregarded a race you love because of the bonus? Have you ever chosen a race you didn’t like for that reason? Have you been swayed by secondary bonuses like additional crit, hit or spirit? And do you think racial skills should be normalized so everyone has access to abilities like EMFH no matter what race they play and that racial skills should be purely for fun, like the undead Cannibalize?

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