Breakfast Topic: What keeps you playing?

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I’ve known people who played this game for many reasons. Some were in it just to kill time, some wanted to get the best gear, and many wanted to beat the game in the manner of their choice. Ultimately, for those of us who have stuck around for more than a content cycle, there’s something that keeps us here rather than moving on to the next flavor of the month game.

The reason I play this game isn’t really for the raiding or the prestige, and it sure isn’t for the gear. In the end, I’m playing this game because I’ve got a good group of friends who play with me. There are about 22 of us, and while there are only 15 or so playing at any given time, it’s made raiding a ton of fun and recruiting this expansion a breeze. When someone needs some time away from the game, another friend is coming back and looking to raid. While it took me about a year to cultivate all these friendships, it’s paid off well in Cataclysm. I don’t think I’d still be playing if it weren’t for them. Thank you, guys and gals.

So what keeps you logging on? What drives you in this game?

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