Breakfast Topic: What’s your naming methodology?

Having recently written a Breakfast Topic asking you what your main is and another asking about WoW gender choice, it can hardly come as a surprise when I start asking you about another major part of your WoW identity. How did you choose the name for your first character? Exhibiting a characteristic level of creativity (i.e., none), I chose an adaptation of my own name. Well done, me! So then once you roll alts, how do you name them? I have stuck to my adaptation of my name model, adding in various permutations and multiples of them. There are a lot of nicknames out there for Olivia, fortunately!

Do you have a naming convention that allows friends and guild members to easily recognize your alts? Or do you like to completely change it up for every new character? Or perhaps you wanted to emphasize some element of your character, so maybe for a paladin something to do with the Light. If you’re a fan of lore, maybe you’ve taken the time to research your chosen race or class’s history. Maybe you’ve decided on a name that reflects a sort of signature ability, like DoTs for a warlock. Or maybe you’ve decided on a theme that appeals to you, like authors or cartoon characters or types of swords. Do you have names saved on your server, awaiting future expansions or new alts?

If you’re trying to find a name, we here at WoW Insider are here to help — we’re good like that.

I should add, I didn’t name my undead warlock Dottymcdotface. If you want that one, it’s all yours.

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