Breakfast Topic: Yay for the other guys

Breakfast Topic Yay for the other guys

Whatever faction you play, one thing is for certain: Without those other guys, life would be a lot tamer. Going into Mists of Pandaria, we’re looking forward to an expansion full of murdering those pesky (fill in name of enemy faction here) all over Pandaria. And PvP servers would be positively weird without the other guys. Who would we fight? Would we just shank each other in the streets all the time?

World of Warcraft has been shaped and defined by the Horde/Alliance conflict, and whether you picked the good guys or the bad guys (or for that matter, whether you picked the morally ambiguous faction with shades of gray or the morally ambiguous faction with shades of gray), it’s hard to imagine what the game would have been like without them.

So now I say, hurrah for those other guys, who have filled our battlegrounds with targets and our world PvP zones with ganking. Those other guys, whom we define ourselves against. Those other guys who did that bad thing to us that one time that we’re never ever going to forgive. Those other guys, who aren’t as good at Warcraft as we are. Join me now in telling tales of our impending victory over them. You know who they are.

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