Encrypted Text: Rogue news from BlizzCon 2011

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I love BlizzCon. I am a long-time fan of each of Blizzard’s Big Three games, and I am eagerly awaiting next year’s triple release of Diablo 3 paired with the StarCraft and WoW expansions. Channeling my rogue reflexes, I conquered the BlizzCon ticket boss again this year, so I had the opportunity to visit BlizzCon in person. While in Anaheim, I tried out a Pandaren monk, crushed some cowards in a Diablo PVP match, and shredded a batch of zerglings before losing to so many banelings. To all of those who I met at the WoW Insider Reader Meetup and on the convention floor, it was great to meet you!

I have been collecting my notes on what we learned at BlizzCon about the future of rogues, but I am realizing that there’s not much news. We’re losing access to ranged weapons, but we will be able to simply throw our melee weapons with Throw and Fan of Knives. The revamp of the talent system affects everyone, and there’s no use diving into the new trees since they’re not even close to being finalized. Pandaren rogues will be available in Mists of Pandaria, but that’s not really exciting information, is it?

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