Ghostcrawler details potential solutions for gear inflation

Item inflation is the continually increasing numbers we see on gear, getting larger and larger each expansion. Eventually (perhaps even now, according to some), the numbers become so large that they become difficult at a glance to make quick computational decisions about.

Is the difference between 1,600,000 and 1,400,000 health really concerning or not? Probably not, at least in terms of percentages, but the loss of 200,000 health is something that makes you stop and think for a second — and in a raid, that second might be the time you wipe.

Ghostcrawler has detailed two potential plans to deal with this inflation in a new blog post.

Mega damage In what sounds like a nod to scientific notation, numbers would be visually collapsed into easier-to-consume units. So instead of 5,000 strength, you’d have 5K strength, or instead of 1,500,000 HP, you’d have 1.5M HP. This is what Blizzard does for bosses now, and it’d expand the system to player numbers and other stats.

Another way to think of it: Instead of launching a Shadow Bolt that does 12,000,000 damage, you’d do 12 Mega Damage instead.

The Great Item Level Squish The second possible solution Ghostcrawler outlined is an item level squish, where all item level increases at the end of expansions are squished down. (Inflation occurs mostly at the end of expansions, where the gear increases greatly with each content patch.) This would have the effect of reducing numbers across the spectrum, so a player before MoP might have 200,000 health, and then when MoP launches, he might have only 20,000 health. Item levels and assorted numbers would be squished, potentially quite dramatically.

Ghostcrawler makes a big point, and we’re going to put it in bold: These are just possible solutions and might not even be the ones Blizzard goes with in the end. So don’t kiss your tank’s massive HP goodbye just yet.

Ghostcrawler’s full post, after the break.

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