Gold Capped: How to deal with AH stalkers

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Camping and stalking are two different things, and I got an email from someone facing both asking for help.

I was wondering if you had any advice on discouraging less palatable AH competition? I’m speaking in particular about obsessive AH campers and their stalking tendencies.

I know it’s pretty standard for competitors to add each other to their friends (or enemies) list in order to keep an eye on when they’re around, but over this expansion I’ve encountered some behaviours which seem to be pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t OK. Earlier in the year I had one competitor follow me across Stormwind, then to Darnassus, then to the Exodar, and finally to Shattrath where I eventually logged because it was getting beyond creepy to cut a gem and then moments later see this guy targeting me and cutting the same thing.

I’m not an AH camper, but when I am on I’m happy to list/relist against the guys that are – this one following me now seems to be the dominant one on the server (or the most persistent), but I wanted to know if you had any advice on how to discourage this?

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