How to heal in Battlegrounds

We’ve been talking about Battlegrounds a lot lately. That makes a lot of sense, since those Battlegrounds can be a refuge for the casual or limited-time crowd — not to mention, since we’re stuck in the purgatory between expansions, now’s the time to get your PvP on.

An indispensably important part of the Battlegrounds is having capable, willing healers. Just a small handful of powerful, practiced healers can make your Battleground team invincible. When you are the healer, you get to decide who lives and who dies on your team. You extend your warm, golden glow around the mere DPS who clamor to bathe in your power, and by means of that glow, provide victory to your team.

I might be engaging in a little hyperbole, but you get the point. A good healer can be incredibly powerful in Battlegrounds. You’ll find the role engaging and complex; your greatest enemy will be tunnel vision, self-reliance, and the ability to communicate on the fly. Let’s talk about how you can maximize the power of your time as a healer.

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