Mists of Pandaria: Zones and questing

The preview portion of the Mists of Pandaria press event was full of surprises — surprises such as the game world has actually been expanded since BlizzCon. In fact, there have been two entirely new zones in Pandaria added since the continent was first shown off.

Dave “Fargo” Kosak, WoW‘s lead quest designer, told us, “We didn’t just split up zones. We added a ton of terrain. We were developing these little subzones and thought that they really deserved to be their own experience, so we added a lot of terrain to support a robust quest experience, new stories, new characters — the whole deal.”

Cory Stockton, the game’s lead content designer, chimed in saying, “We wanted to get more content into the game; we felt like there were a lot of stories we could tell, a lot of things we wanted to do here. It also gives us a less linear progression for players when they’re coming through a second or third time.”

Kosak and Stockton guided us through five of the MoP zones — also full of surprises — which we’ll go into below. But the biggest surprise? Kosak ended the preview with the following: “So … we’re not talking about release dates yet. But I will tell you that, um, all of this (gesturing to Kun-Lai Summit, then Vale of Eternal Blossoms, then Jade Forest, then Krasarang Wilds, then Valley of the Four Winds) is completely quested. Full of content.”

Wow. Let’s take a look! For a quick jump to any particular zone, try the links below, or read the whole thing after the break.

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