Officers’ Quarters: Mailbox roundup 4 — raid leaders

Every Monday, Scott Andrews contributes Officers’ Quarters, a column about the ins and outs of guild leadership. He is the author of The Guild Leader’s Handbook, available now from No Starch Press.

Here at Officers’ Quarters, I receive a number of emails every week that don’t get featured in the column for various reasons (which I explained the first time I did a roundup). Today it’s time to examine two of these shorter — but no less interesting! — topics. This roundup’s theme is raid leaders.

Bad player = bad raid leader


I really don’t know if I’m writing just to get this off my chest or to ask for advice …

We had the same raid leader through several expansions who was very authoritative, decisive, and effective. Then he had to step back due to irl stuff and we were left with a leadership gap. No one really wanted to step up and be raid leader but eventually one of our officers decided to take it over. I’ll call him John.

John had a very different leadership style. I’m not sure if it was your column or elsewhere that I once read about the personality differences between a raid leader and guild leader but John has much more of guild leader style. Very much focused on having everyone get along, trying to get everyone to agree with everything, trying to get everyone to like each other …

When John makes mistakes that contribute to something bad happening, he likes to take whole blame for it. He won’t look beyond his own contribution to the fail to find that the tanks failed a switch, a dps pulled aggro, or someone failed to move out of the fire, which is what put them in extreme danger in the first place. When I try to point out that I need him to be more critical than just taking all the blame, two things happen. First, he backtracks and tries to say he’s not taking on all the blame, even if he’s typed out explicitly that something was “all my fault.” Second, he becomes completely demotivated and sullen in Vent, which effects the mood of the raid.

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