Phat Loot Phriday: Fel Reaver’s Piston

When last we left our heroes, they’d made the covenant to travel unto the Outland and seek out the fel lords responsible for the corruption in the Forsaken Kingdom. Lolegolas was much pleased to revisit “his” expansion and spent many nights washing his hair in preparation.

“I want to kill the Fel Reaver while we’re there,” Lolegolas said. “We’ve not been back to Outland in a while, and that thing has it coming.” They rode the road out of the Dark Portal, their mounts shuffling idly on the rocky path.

“Why?” Miranda asked. “It has no good gear. The Fel Reaver’s Piston actually comes from Void Reaver. That’s a wildly different critter.”

“I remember that thing,” the Gilnean said. “Darn nice healing trinket.”

“Uh, were you around for that?” Lolegolas asked. “I mean, I just ask because the wall was up and all. Didn’t see a lot of werewolves fighting Illidan.”

Miranda waved the question down frantically. “It’s best not to think about these things, OK?”

Throgg grunted and pointed into the distance. “Which way do we go? Horde flight not available for Alliance, and Alliance won’t like little elf and me.”

Miranda scowled. “Let’s try the Alliance. There’s been an outhouse backup there for years. Maybe we can use that to our advantage.”

“Oh, great,” Lolegolas muttered. “Outhouse humor. I’m looking forward to that.”

Item note: The Fel Reaver’s Piston really was a big deal back in the day. The numbers are small now, of course, but imagine how awesome it would be if it had scaled to current metrics!

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