Raid Rx: Top healing moments of 2011

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This was a fun year for me as a healer. Granted, I had to learn how to heal again, but I do enjoy this expansion’s model of healing (although a part of me does miss The Burning Crusade a little when all I had to do was pound Circle of Healing repeatedly). There were many memorable moments that I experienced during raids, and there are others that affected many more of us.

Announcing the monk Undoubtedly the best news for healers this year is this. BlizzCon 2011 unveiled a ton of news and announcements. The biggest one for healers was that there would be a new healing class for players. You guessed it, I guessed it, and I’m pretty sure half the world guessed and hoped for a monk class. These leather-wearing bears are set to help heal in the upcoming challenges that Mists of Pandaria will be throwing our way. While we don’t have a complete look on the full range of abilities that monks can do, we do know that they rely heavily on mobility to get their spells out.

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