The Cataclysm: A critical examination

My personal opinion on the Cataclysm expansion varied greatly as the expansion unfolded. At different points in the expansion, I was very negative, slightly negative, then outright positive about it as an experience. A recent thread on the forums discussing the overall view of Cataclysm as a failed expansion drew Nethaera’s commentary, and frankly I think what she has to say is worth discussing. I agree with a lot of it, disagree with some, but think it’s valuable to look at where the design intent in the examination of the expansion is going.

You are mistaking the developers looking at the game with a critical eye with the claim that it was a “failure”. We’ve seen a wide spectrum of opinions over Cataclysm and we’re not afraid to look at what worked and didn’t work (as we do with each expansion and game as a whole) and try to find better ways of doing things. I heard differing opinions overall during BlizzCon, but not once did I get the impression that any of those opinions boiled down to “Cataclysm sucks” as a whole. They had key elements that they disliked or thought could be improved on, but throwing the whole thing out the window as a “failure” is and should be considered a bit extreme don’t you think?

As always, we want to keep learning and growing from each iteration of the game and that means that we’re going to do that by continuing to look for your constructive feedback as well.

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