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Way back in vanilla, I remember questing with a friend out in Azshara — well, maybe “questing” is too strong of a term. It was more like “murdering mass amounts of dragonkin and grinding out XP” than real questing. While merrily stomping dragons, all of a sudden we heard a zone-wide yell from Azuregos, a new outdoor boss that had just been put in. My friend, being the hit-things-first-ask-questions-later type, decided to run up and smack the dragon in the face. After all, he reasoned, it was only a dragon. How hard could it be?

This was when we both learned the valuable lesson that creatures with ??? listed as their level should probably not be messed with unless you’ve got a substantial amount of backup. Oddly enough, I kind of miss those days.

Today, we’ve got some posts looking at different parts of Cataclysm and sharing some thoughts and reviews on the expansion.

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