The Light and How to Swing It: In defense of Inquisition

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When your paladin first hit level 81 and you visited your trainer, I bet you had no idea how much of an impact that little ability called Inquisition would have on your future DPSing career. OK, maybe if you read the tooltip you could have had some idea, but I will fully admit that I completely forgot it was in my spellbook until a short while after I hit 85. And to be fair, at the time it was a really lackluster ability. Sure, Exorcism hit like a truck thanks to the new version of The Art of War, and Hammer of Wrath still hit decently hard, but other than those two abilities, Inquisition didn’t really buff a whole lot. One of the main selling points of Inquisition (if not the main selling point) came when Blizzard changed our mastery from 3 free holy power to X% extra holy damage off your most used abilities in patch 4.0.6, allowing Inquisition to boost an even larger percentage of our damage by 30%.

So, thanks to our mastery, Inquisition is here to stay. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? In case my own opinion wasn’t made clear in the title, I have been a long-time supporter of this ability. However, I know that there is a very large group of players with a dissenting opinion, and that’s OK. Some preferred the Wrath model of retribution to the current model, and for others, it’s just the opposite. In an effort to make my reasoning clear, I’m going to pick a few of the most common complaints I have seen or heard. Hopefully, my responses won’t make me seem like I’m a masochistic freak who loves to stare at a countdown and plot in advance exactly when to refresh it.

Because I’m totally not — my therapist assures me that I’m a completely normal person.

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