Theramore: A short history

Theramore A Short History

We know that Theramore is in for some rough times. We’ve heard some sound files and seen some items in the files, and we know basically what’s going to happen. So now, it’s worth looking back at the history of Theramore. (Warning, spoilers for Mists of Pandaria in the links and in this article)

It started out as a safe haven for those refugees who escaped the Scourge and Arthas only to find themselves in a new land, surrounded by enemies and forced to fight alongside the orcish Horde against the Burning Legion. Theramore weathered the schism between Jaina Proudmore and her father, High Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, and the invasion of Horde forces under Rexxar that led to the Admiral’s death.

Things were hardly quiet in Theramore after those events. Surrounded by hostile swamps, bordered by Horde forces in the Barrens to the north and west and Thousand Needles to the south, and forced to deal with Grimtotem marauders attempting to provoke a full-scale war with the Horde, life in Theramore was never easy. The revelation of the fate of Stormwind and its rise to prominence in the new Alliance that established itself following the Third War put Theramore in a strange position — closest to their new night elf allies in Kalimdor and a safe port for Alliance vessels in otherwise Horde territory on Kalimdor’s eastern coast, yet ever increasingly marginalized in the councils of the Alliance leadership.

Meanwhile, Jaina’s leadership and her desire for peace with the Horde was under strain, both from the more aggressively militant stance Varian Wrynn took upon his return to Stormwind (a return Jaina helped bring about) and from those members of her own settlement that were loyal not to her ideals but those of her deceased father Daelin Proudmoore.

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