Total war and Mists of Pandaria

If you’ve ever seen Joyeux Noel, you’re familiar with the concept of a temporary armistice — not like the AQ-40 events where Alliance and Horde fought together against a greater threat, but instead a simple cease-fire for various reasons. I recently mentioned the idea of Cross-Faction Real ID raiding, but this isn’t that. Instead, I’m finding myself wondering about how the war in warcraft is presented in World of Warcraft and how it could be presented.

Warfare often has twists and turns that when viewed later through the lens of history seem absurd. In our own history (a history devoid of things like magic), we’ve seen bat bombs, fire balloons, and even British Secret Service agents playing pranks on Nazi sympathizers in South America. War is often terrible, yes, but it’s also ludicrous and insane. How much more bizarre, incomprehensible and deranged could war become in a world where orcs throw demon fire at humans who pull the raw power of Light down through themselves?

This leads me to wonder how total war between the factions in World of Warcraft will be presented.

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