What I want to see from Mists of Pandaria PvP

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Unless you’ve been living in the little cave on Darkmoon Island for the past few months (and frankly, if you have, well done — that must be one awesome time machine!), you’ll have heard about the impending expansion. I previously posted a short plea for WoW Insider readers to head over to Blizzard MVP Eldacar‘s thread asking for PvP feedback over on the official forums, and it got me thinking about what I would love to see from PvP in Mists of Pandaria.

Now, I’m excited about the upcoming changes that Blizzard is talking about; you’ve no doubt seen the information over on Battle.net. Resilience as a baseline stat sounds pretty great to me and will make PvP at lower-level brackets a bit more fun, but I’m curious to see how Blizzard’s going to scale it within those brackets. If it scales with level, then a level 64 is going to have an even easier time beating up a level 60 and basically being a one-toon killing machine. And this won’t serve to help PvP at lower levels at all, although it will make entry into max-level PvP a lot easier.

And the new Battlegrounds look interesting, the proposed Valley of Power BG especially, because the premise is pretty simple. I don’t think overcomplicated Battlegrounds that require complex player-environment interaction are the most fun. I prefer simple maps that place the emphasis on, you know, killing the opposite faction. There’s a term for that, I’m sure … Oh, yeah. PvP!

But I’m thinking big, ladies and gentlemen, really big — Azerothian-moon-on-a-stick big. Now, a brief disclaimer: This is fantasy from the deranged mind of an Englishwoman and certainly not a scoop of exciting early news. I’m just throwing this out there!

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