World of Wardrobe: Going out in Outland for tier 4

Heading back to pick up some awesome armor sets from vanilla WoW or that dazzling weapon that’ll have your enemies cowering in fear? Transmogrification makes it possible — and World of Wardrobe shows you how.

Now that we’ve finished our whirlwind tour of Medivh’s home and have two pieces of tier 4 in our pockets to show for it, it’s time to head to the main highlight of The Burning Crusade expansion and dig up the rest of it. While Karazhan existed on Azeroth, the rest of tier 4 exists in Outland, scattered between two smaller raids — the lairs of the pitlord Magtheridon and Gruul the Dragonkiller. Both raids were mercifully short when compared to the length of Karazhan, but both required some precision timing by raids to complete successfully.

Last week, we touched a little on attunement chains for The Burning Crusade. Long, arduous and a complete pain for those trying to get in on raiding late in the game, the attunement chains in Burning Crusade were systematically removed as the expansion went on. For those who jumped into raiding when The Burning Crusade was launched, however, both Gruul and Magtheridon were required kills to get to the next level of raiding content with the next tier of raiding gear.

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